Monday, March 2, 2015

Post Season Workouts.

Several skiers are continuing to work on their fitness.   Way to go!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Way to Go Margie!

Three cheers for former Simley Nordic skier Margie Freed.  She place 3rd in the Minnesota State Meet Pursuit Race.  Her hard work and dedicated efforts are showing awesome results.

Full state meet results are on the Minnesota State High School League web page.  For boys' results use the menu under activities.

Margie at the start of the classic race at the Section 1 Championships this year.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Section 1 Results and Nordic Ski Banquet Tuesday February 17th, 201 6:00-7:00

Tuesday February 17th, 201
Middle School Library
Please bring the following:
Last names: 
A-F Salad
G-P Main Dish
Q-Z Dessert
*Bring your own beverage*
Paper products will be provided.

Please bring in any gear that your skiers have outgrown or no longer use.  This may be a convenient time to have our own little gear swap.

A note from the Booster Club: “in lieu of a team fundraiser this year please consider a family donation to the Simley Nordic Booster Club at the banquet. Thank you for supporting Simley Nordic.”

Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 Metro East Conference CX Ski Pursuit Championships Resuts

Annika's Skate Time is incorrect. Strong skate race Annika!   It looks like it is 10 mins. off.  I am contacting the timer to get an accurate time, as coaches were not given results to review at the end of the races.

Cale Earning All Conference Honorable Mention
Sam's Photo Finish Victory
Caroline looking strong.
Lea skiing with determination.
Amanda is our fastest girl today.

Annika finishing with a fast skate time.
Hannah worked hard to compete in her first pursuit race.  Way to go.

Tyler skiing his skis apart 

Harris is one of only two 7th graders to ski the pursuit.  Future looks bright.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Metro East Conference Nordic Ski Championship Information and JV Championship Results with Photos

Directions - 494 west to E. Bush Lake Road South - Please enter the park at the Recreation Area Entrance.
Buses will park in the second parking lot - the one circled on the map.
The Race Starting/Finish Line is at the Midsummer Staging Area - M on the map.
Waxing space and outlets will be available inside  Jan's Place located adjacent to the bus parking.
Tents can be placed in the Start / Finish Staging area - we will have a worker there to give directions.
Timing chips will be distributed in the same staging area.
Visitor Center - can be used as a warming area, but NO BAGS, CAMPS, OR OUTSIDE FOOD IS ALLOWED.  There are restrooms in this location as well as 3 Biff's by the race site.

Race schedule -
 9:00am - Coaches Meeting - Jan's Place
10:00am - Boys Classic
11:00am - Girls Classic
11:40 - 1:00 Break
1:00pm - Boys Skate Pursuit
2:00pm - Girls Skate Pursuit
3:00pm  - Awards

*there will be two tracks set for the classic race

JV Meet Results and Images
Three cheers for our JV skiers.  Smiles in these pictures say it all.  We are very proud of each of our JV skiers.  Thanks for your hard work, positive attitudes and many laughs.  Keep doing what your doing and get some good runs in until next year.  

1Tom ReineckMaht15.2211
2Alex HeiderMaht15.2311
3Oliver GriggsMaht15.511
4Evan SmithMaht16.3311
5Cole DeWeeseMaht16.399
6Paul MelanconMaht16.5711
7Grant DillaSimley16.587
8Colton Baars Simley17.168
9Westin EricsonNorth17.439
10Alex HarshmanNorth18.059
11Jack MatsonMaht18.1210
12Andrew VandelacMaht18.1311
13Alex KischMaht18.3311
14Matt ReineckMaht19.1510
15Jeremy BreisterNorth19.3912
16Danny HoffmanSimley19.4410

1Isabel BirkelandMaht17.049
2Lily EngebretsonMaht18.039
3Kayla KruegerMaht18.1311
4Mickenna AffolterMaht18.298
5Lilyana DavidSimley18.458
6Abbey HalversonMaht18.598
7Lauren KroschelMaht19.0611
8Isabel PankowMaht19.1310
9Gina MorkenSimley19.212
10Kiri FergusonSimley19.349
11Dannielle GrossSimley19.4710
12Acadia HegedusMaht2011
13Anneka EckerMaht20.0211
14Sophie GunnMaht20.328
15Lexi WaldochMaht21.018
16Sarah KormanMaht21.139
17Eva HenningsonMaht21.2411
18Hannah O'BrienNorth21.37
19Emma PersoonMaht23.1310
20Emily SweenySimley23.1512
21Gloria PopocaSimley24.0810
22Erin O'BrienNorth25.2710
23Elise O'BrienNorth26.4610
24Lizzie ScullNorth26.4710
25Irin UkridmanoroatSimley33.4512
26Britta IversonSimley34.019
27Isabelle PippertSimley34.028
28Nicole AnayaSimleydnf10
29Courtney ColeNorthDNF10
30So-hyun LeeNorthDNF12

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Look Ahead This Week and Conference Sprint Results/ Image Binge

**JV Conference Championship is on at Mahtomedi**
The JV Conference Championship is Scheduled for Tues. Jan 27th. This is a regular after school meet.  

The Varsity Conference Championship will be held at Hyland Park in Bloomington on Friday Jan. 30th.  Hyland has snow making capabilities so we are on.  Long term forecasts suggest a fun day of skiing.  

This is a day-time meet.  All Varsity Skiers should check-in with their teachers well ahead of Friday to make sure school work is done well.

Here is a link to the Conference Sprint results.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A look at this week 1-20 through 1-23 Metro East Conference Sprints on Friday

Here's the crew who went up to Itasca last weekend.  Some chose to swim at the headwaters.
Tuesday:Fast and Furious skiing  on the pond both skate and classic if possible.

Wednesday:  Short but "sweet" practice done by 3:45. (Anderson and Sedler to teacher conferences.)  High school skiers have the option of not coming to practice to ski on their own.  Make sure you communicate with your parents.

Thursday: Same as Wed.  Again high school skiers may miss practice to ski on their own.  Make sure you communicate with your parents.

Friday: Conference Sprints at Lake Elmo.  We will be dismissed from school at noon.  Talk to your teachers and get school work done early if possible. ( Meet info. below)

  Metro East Conference Sprint Format

Teams: Hastings, Henry Sibley, Mahtomedi, North, Tartan, St. Thomas, Simley, Math and Science

Each team can enter no more than 10 varsity skiers into the time trials.

Technique: Skate

Course: The course will be as close to 1km as possible. Green/Brown (turn at 9 and 8) Start and finish areas will be near each other to ease timing.

JV Course: Green. Turn at 15.

Time Trials at 1:15 pm:
-Boys will go first. If there are less than 10 boys on a team other teams may fill-in to reduce heat numbers.
-One skier from each school will go every 1 minute. Each team is responsible for timing their own skiers.
-Girls will go at 15 minutes on the clock.
-Coaches must bring times to building for determining top 30 ASAP. Ties for 30 will advance in same heat.
-We have old bibs for 1-30 (boys) and 31-60 (girls)

JV Races at 2:00 pm:
-New clock start.
-Boys JV will ski a 2.5-3km course.
-All skiers who missed the top 30 in the time trials will also ski this race.
-Girls JV will ski a 2.5-3km course. Girls start 5 minutes after the boys.

-Skiers will be seeded into heats as follows on this spreadsheet: LINK
1. Boys Quarterfinal Heats - One heat every 5 minutes. Top 2 advance. 3:00pm (possibly sooner?)
2. Girls Quarterfinal Heats - One heat every 5 minutes. Top 2 advance. 3:30pm
3. Boys Semifinal Heats - One heat every 5 minutes. Top 3 advance. 4:00 pm
4. Girls Semifinal Heats - One heat every 5 minutes. Top 3 advance. 4:15 pm
5. Boys Final. 4:30 pm
6. Girls Final. 4:40 pm

5:00 - Awards will be given to the top 6 skiers

Harris heading to dry clothes in the changing tent.